Friday, November 13, 2009

Pre-Race Musings

I haven't made a post since my last half-marathon and now it's time for my last half-marathon of the year. I've arrived early, checked out the expo, had my ankle taped with some KT Kinesiology tape, and am now sitting in my hotel room catching up on work and resting prior to tomorrow's race. Some observations from the expo:
  • No compression socks/attire. They were at the New York Marathon expo but not here. I guess compression isn't as big a trend in running yet as it is in triathlon.
  • Talked to a woman who is here to cheer for her son during the marathon but was getting information from various races because she wants to start walking for fitness. I told her about GoSmart pedometers and about how great walking is for health and weight loss.
  • Met some REI coworkers from our new Richmond store. They're opening on Friday and excited and ready to go. Everyone in Richmond should go check them out. In addition to the big winter sale starting next weekend, opening weekend activities are always fun!
As for tomorrow's race, I don't have any expectations or goals for this week. I'm racing for fun and to starting building my endurance for next season. I think races like these (the C races) are important for remembering the love of what I do. These are races I do because friends are doing them or because I want to experience something. While A priority races are great for pushing yourself to do your best and B priority races are great learning tools, C races are great for the mental benefit.

Best of luck to all racers tomorrow!