Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Look Back

Have you ever wondered why you can no longer do what you used to do? I have. And for an unrelated reason, I was looking back through my last 5 year's training logs yesterday (you do have your last 5 years, right?) Anyway, yesterday I noticed two key things. One - I'm sick a lot. Two - I don't train anywhere near as much as I used to do. Obviously those two things are related. But I also think that I used to do better about training when I did feel good than I do now. That is, I don't use my healthy time as productively as I should.

Knowing that is good. Doing something about it is even better. So here's the resolution - and I hate making resolutions. When I feel good, I'm going to train. Regardless of what else is going on in my life. And when I feel good I'm going to do the things that help me continue to feel good.

Of course, I say that as I sit here fighting an increasingly bad sore throat so today might not be the day that this resolution goes into practice. But if I told all of you, then I need to do it. Right? Even if all of you is only me.