Thursday, January 21, 2010

Experiment with a 10 Day Week

One of the challenges of Ironman distance training is balancing the long, hard workouts that are needed with the rest that is required to recover from those workouts and get ready for the next ones. Taking a full-day off every 7-days makes it very hard to fit in the necessary training on the remaining days.

This season, I'm working with one client on a 10-day week rather than the standard 7-day week. His training cycle is a two-week (20-day) build followed by a one-week (10-day) recovery. But every week, on day 10, he has a full day off for recovery. Sometimes he does flexibility on this day, but he doesn't do any running, biking or swimming, not even an easy workout.

We're monitoring this and after his goal race in July, we'll let you know how it works. It might be a new strategy for others training for an Ironman. Ideally, the extra recovery will allow him to push much harder on the hard days. We'll see how it goes.